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Protection challengers

Arrivals and departures is based on research and interviews. The challenger game plan and moats and cages result from personal experience: employment (articles 4-7) and observations from my consulting engagements, several of which have been with challengers.

  1. Arrivals and departures. A history of challengers.
  2. A challenger game plan. Improving your odds.
  3. Moats and cages. How to scale up in practice.
  4. Swiss Life's Solutions. A giant leap in 18 months.
  5. Easylife Protection. The UK's first instech?
  6. They shook protection. A tale of two companies.
  7. Happy April 1st. Self Assurance returns!

Protection distribution

  1. Distribution choices Choosing the right channel
  2. Protection term growth 2015-2020. Split by advisory status
  3. The distribution sandwich. To be written
  4. What intermediaries want. To be written
  5. Distribution quality management. To be written
  6. The advice debate. To be written


  1. Why reinsurance works for big insurers. Magic1 for insurers.
  2. Reinsurance structures. Reinsurance and cashflows.
  3. The reinsurance DA VINCI code. Presenting your case to reinsurers.

Protection premiership

  1. Term 2020. The market in 2020.
  2. Term 2000, 2010, 2020. The top 5.
  3. Critical Illness. The top 5.
  4. Term 2025. Who will be top 5 in 2025?
  5. Income Protection. Not yet written.
  6. Whole Life. Not yet written.


  1. Guaranteed results. I can provide commercial guarantees.
  2. Protection success. The factors that lead to it.
  3. Product development. Value or distraction?