Protection growth

Do you want to grow your protection profits and market share?

An actuary with 25 years’ experience in pricing, analytics and modelling, my clients include insurers, reinsurers, friendly societies and virtual life offices.

Working together, we can:

New to the market? Need radical change?

A three-stage approach to get things right:

  1. Review. A basic review of the protection landscape.
  2. Plan. Build in the factors that advisers say drive protection success.
  3. Do. Two-stage delivery - robust business case and execution.

Central to the plan is recognizing the value of and how to access reinsurers. This in turn leads to a Board business case which increases confidence in the financials. Then implement with passion.

In the IFA term market?

You have all the building blocks in place and can jump to stage three.

Evidence from market positions and rates suggests opportunities to make a leap.

Why not you?

A reinsurer?

I have an innovative offering for you.