Guaranteed results

Do your employees or consultants get paid by results?

We can work together using:

Let’s look at three examples of my guarantees:

(*) This one requires serious two-way commitment.

How can this possibly work?

Let’s take a closer look at each area.


Insight from data, starting with the simplest Excel analyses.

I will guarantee:

No analysis paralysis, just better decision making.

As an example in the individual protection domain, I can bring you so-called distributor quality management (DQM) and associated analytics; I helped build this at L&G almost 20 years ago.

We can certainly also use data science techniques, but you will be amazed at what can be achieved with traditional analyses, injected with some imagination.

Insurers: top 5

If we have a cultural fit - including having the appetite and delivery mindset - I can offer structures where you pay only if you profitably generate top 5 volumes within 3-5 years.

I believe profitable top 5 term placings can be achieved in 3-5 years, so here’s my offer:

  1. A 3-year term project.
  2. Zero salary or fees payable to Transformaction (or me).
  3. Agreed objective success measures.
  4. Payments linked to volume and/or profits.
  5. Appropriate break clauses.
  6. Oversight by third parties, to keep us all honest.

Do your employees or consultants offer this? Why not?

How can I offer this?
It's like taking an equity stake. I understand the success factors - we can jointly deliver.

Reinsurance price optimization

Perhaps I can’t work with every reinsurer on this. Work with me to offer alternative shapes and structures in tenders. Offer profit-neutral alternatives which increase your chances of winning. I can’t guarantee your success, but I’m open to “no win, no fee” arrangements.

Solving a tricky problem for reinsurers
While most reinsurers will have a core business focus, a challenge is working out how much effort to put into a start-up, or to invest in an insurer outside the top five.

Reinsurers sometimes just pass. This risks missing the next ScotProv or AIG.

Manage your workload and risk: pay me only if such a client transacts with you.
![Offering spectrum](/assets/img/spectrum.png "Offering spectrum")