Protection: review

  1. Protection review. Market segmentation and predictions.
  2. Defaqto survey. Ranks 20 protection insurers.
  3. Friendly societies. A look into their different world.

Protection: plan

  1. Planning for real progress. Top 10 areas that matter to distributors.
  2. Reasons to reinsure. 10 reasons why all but one of the largest insurers reinsure.
  3. Some companies that don't reinsure. Culture and control come into play.

Protection: do

  1. Delivering. Create a great reputation, including with reinsurers.
  2. Making the leap. Make fast progress on your protection journey.

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Goldilocks pricing

Report on pricing in IFA and aggregator protection markets

Reinsurance articles

  1. Why reinsurance works for big insurers. Magic1 for insurers.
  2. Reinsurance structures. Reinsurance and cashflows.
  3. The reinsurance DA VINCI code. Presenting your case to reinsurers.

IR35 articles


  1. Background to assessment. HMRC's intent, guidance, CEST tool - plus legal cases.
  2. Making employment status decisions. The big picture on employment status decisions.
  3. HMRC examples - Alan and Jemima. Quite simple, no CEST.
  4. Examples - Chenguang and Kaye. Two examples, including using CEST.
  5. CEST criticisms and responses. CEST can be helpful, despite the criticisms.
  6. Gaming the system and pressure. HMRC are targeting these.

Circle theorems


  1. Thales. The easiest circle theorem.
  2. Inscribed angle. The angle subtending a major arc is constant.
  3. Cyclic quadrilateral - opposite angles sum to 180°. Plus minor arc.
  4. Tangent radius. Blindingly obvious, but a slippery proof.
  5. Alternate segment. Perhaps the most unintuitive.
  6. Chord bisection by radius. The relevant angle is 90°.
  7. Equal length tangents. For completeness.

1 Reinsurance may not be real magic.